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Tack ClothTack Cloth Gently wipe away dust and fine particles away with a cloth penetrated with enough stick-um to last for many foldings and wipings.

Many wood species are quite similar in appearance, but have subtle differences in color, grain pattern and texture. By staining you can mix walnut and birch or alder very nicely to have an all walnut appearance. Although birch and alder are related, birch is far easier to work with for finishing, but alder runs a close second.

It's difficult to judge finished furniture by color, because almost all furniture is stained to even out the colors or to completely change the color.

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The wood samples below will help to identify your piece of furniture as teak, walnut, oak or mahogany or any of the other woods shown.

alder wood sampleAlder - straight grain, tanish to redish and will stain to mimic other wood species. ash wood sampleAsh - tan to brown some amberish
beech wood sampleBeech - Reddish-brown straight grain and fine texture. birch wood sampleBirch - Light yellow sapwood and reddish brown heartwood Straight, close grain, fine texture.
cedar wood sampleCedar, Western Red - light brown to dark pink soft tight grain, but very durable in damp situations. cherry wood sampleCherry - light pink to dark red finishes nice for furniture, hard.
fir wood sampleFir, Douglas - very light tan to medium tan soft wood with tight grain. honduran mahogany wood sampleMahogany, Honduran - light to dark reddish-brown straight to interlocked grain medium to coarse texture.
philippine mahogany wood sampleMahogany, Philippine - aka luan mahogany light tanish brown to dark brown and pinkish tones. Maple - light color with very tight grain and hard.
maple wood sampleMaple, Birdseye - light colored wood with many characteristics resembling tiny eyes. red oak wood sampleOak, Red - reddish color with open grain and very heavy.
white oak wood sampleOak, White - light to dark brown, straight-grained, medium to coarse texture. pine wood samplePine - white to yellowish white. Very soft tight grain.
poplar wood samplePoplar - creamy white to pale yellowish brown and medium green medium texture and straight-grained teak wood sampleTeak - light to medium brown excellent for use in exterior and humid conditions.
walnut wood sampleWalnut - tan to dark brown nicely figured. black walnut wood sampleWalnut, Black - tan to a very dark brown, almost black with nice grain figure. - Online Art Supplies
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