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Lubricate sliding things like drawers and table extensions

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Whether it's an extension table slide or a drawer, it will move easier if it's lubricated. Wood to wood sliding surfaces will last a lot longer with less friction and with less wear too.

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Lubricate sliding things like drawers and table extensions

A very good lubricant to make a sticking drawer slide smoothly or a troublesome extension table slide open with ease is paraffin, the same stuff you buy at the supermarket to melt over the top of jams and jellies to seal them.

On the other side of the great waters in jolly olde England readers may think bleck! we don't put that on our jams and jellies, because paraffin or paraffin oil to the English is the same as we call kerosene in the Colonies.

Rub paraffin on both surfaces every few months to keep things sliding properly. If you can't find paraffin, try some bar soap or paste wax. If you use paste wax, the item may stick for the first time when the wax hardens, so it may take a little extra effort getting the first movement.

Slip-It sliding compound

Slip-It Sliding Compound Slip-It Sliding Compound
Slip-It reduces friction on moving wood parts. Reduces friction on moving wood parts of any sort. Use this specially formulated, silicone-free lubricant for wooden windows, doors, drawers and any o..

Slip-It Sliding Compound


Smooth sliding action! Guaranteed friction-free movement with this self-adhesive and self-lubricating nylon tape. 1/2" and 3/4" wide tapes are ideal for drawers. 3" wide tape works ..


Drawers and table extensions don't have to stick

Whether you use something you have around the house or use a commercial product you don't need to put up with the frustration a drawer sticking or having a tug of war each time you want to open the extension table to put a leaf in when you have company. Those items were designed to work smoothly and just a few minutes of your time will get them working properly again. It might be a good idea to lubricate before things start sticking too. - Online Art Supplies
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