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Spray finishes are available in just about any type finish you can imagine, lacquer, shellac, acrylic, polyurethane and more.

Always spray with a steady hand back and forth evenly and thick enough to give a good finish, but not thick enough that it won't dry properly, sag or run on a vertical surface. Several spray coats are generally better than one heavy coat and several light coats are easier to control on vertical surfaces.

Good spray finishes are a lot smoother than brushing a finish on or using a wipe on finish, except for wipe on oils.

Conventional Weave  Cane
Conventional Weave Cane
Reed Spline
Reed Spline
Caning Wedges
Maple Caning Wedges
Caning Needle
21 inch steel Caning Needle

triple thick clear Triple thick crystal clear It's so thick, one coat equals three coats of many other clear aerosols. "Triple Thick" Crystal Clear Glaze offers a bright, clear coating that gives the illusion of depth with a flexible acrylic formula that won't crack like lacquer. It's an ideal way to brighten and porcelainize artificial flowers and fruits or give papier maché and collages that finished look. This glaze can be used on plaster, wood, bisque, metal, plastic, and paper.
Krylon list of types of spray paint Krylon list of types of spray paint Spray paint comes in many different types and myriad colors to choose from. For example there is a paint that glows in the dark and another that has properties which will allow a magnet to adhere to the paint. Just imagine a whole kitchen wall full of refrigerator magnets.
clear acrylic Krylon clear acrylic Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating protects and seals surfaces painted with Krylon faux finish paints, such as Make it Stone and Make it Pearl. Just spray the sealer directly on an object to create a tough, satin finish and provide outdoor durability and moisture resistance. The spray is fast drying with a dry to touch time of 10 minutes and a dry to handle time of two hours. For use with wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, paper maché, dried and silk flowers, and plaster.
matte finish Krylon matte finish spray paint A permanent, non-gloss, clear finish that eliminates glossy sheen, and light reflection on black and white or colored surfaces. Dries in minutes and gives a soft, satin finish to glossy photos and negatives.
metallic spray paint Krylon metallic spray paint Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint bestows a beautiful metallic finish that gives the appearance of actual metal plating, not paint. Available in a variety of metallic finishes, Krylon Premium Metallic Paints can be used on wood, metal, wicker, glass, plaster, ceramic, fabric, paper, and papier mâché. These paints dry to the touch within 10 minutes and are dry enough to handle within 2 hours.
magnetic paint Magnetic spray paint Use by itself or as a primer with any Krylon spray to create a surface that magnets will stick to! The more you apply, the stronger the attraction will be. Use it as a base on doors, walls, and furniture so that you can attach magnetic films and sheets. It's great for classrooms and studios.
fusion for plastic spray paint Krylon Fusion for plastic Revitalize and restore old plastic items with Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paints. A revolutionary no-prep, superbond paint, it's also ideal for creating special finishes on household items, craft projects, and more. Krylon Fusion for Plastic paint bonds easily to most plastics, PVC, resin, and more with no need to sand or prime the surface. The paint is dry to the touch within 15 minutes, dry to handle within one hour ? and it becomes fully chip-resistant after seven days. This paint can also be used to paint wood, metal, wicker, wrought iron, hard vinyl, glass, plaster, ceramics, paper, and papier mâché
make it stone Make it stone Make It Stone produces a beautiful, stone-textured look on almost any surface. It's great for use on lamps, planters, pottery, picture frames, and even furniture. The simple two step process is quick and easy. Start by applying Make It Stone, then finish with Make It Last clear coat sealer (strongly recommended for metallic finish).
krylon spray paint Krylon spray paintsKrylon Spray Paints are fast-drying interior/exterior enamels for use on metal, wood, masonite, plaster, paper, and more. They dry to the touch in 10 minutes or less, are dry enough to handle within one hour, clean up with mineral spirits or paint thinner, and contain no lead. All offer exceptional durability, adhesion, and smoothness. One 12 oz (340 g) can covers a 25 sq ft area. A redesigned, recyclable Pinch N' Pull cap is easier to open than ever before. Krylon's exclusive EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip rotates to change the direction of the spray to vertical, horizontal, or any angle, ensuring precise control, less overspray, less finger fatigue, and a perfect finish. Its focused fan spray covers 34% more area with fewer passes than a traditional conical spray tip.
spray primer Krylon spray primer Spray Primer will coat an object, allowing the topcoat color to adhere better and show a truer color.
Montana gold spray paint Montana gold spray paintMontana Gold is the perfect tool for creative work ? paint at the push of a button! The new Montana Gold is acrylic-based, extremely high-covering, and works on almost any surface, even flexible ones. Use it on canvas, concrete, glass, wood, and more. Montana Gold still dries quickly, but its new formulation assures surface adhesion before drying. A new low-pressure system, combined with a variety of caps, offers soft handling for fine details and smooth application. From very thin to super-wide lines, Montana Gold paints are quick and easy to apply, with accurate, professional results. And every color in the line is CFC-free (Chlorofluorocarbon-free). The Montana Gold range includes 204 Matte acrylic colors, including a range of Classic Color Shades, Fluorescent Color Shades, Shock Color Shades, Process Color Shades, and Effect Color Shades. All colors are highly lightfast. Included with each cap-less can is a Standard cap (the spray width falls between the Thin and Medium cap). The collar of the can displays the paint color for easy identification. Each can accommodates different caps to help artists achieve pencil-thin lines with slow pressure all the way up to a 13" wide spray with high pressure.
Montana gold paint markers Montana Gold paint markers These high-quality, water-based ink markers can write on flat, dry surfaces such as paper, plastic, glass, canvas, metal, and concrete. The ink will resist water washing over the painted surface, but can be removed with water and hard scrubbing. Each marker's clear barrel allows the artist to see how much ink is left. Large and Short Large sizes have a ½" (13 mm) wide chisel nib. The Extra Large size has a 1" (25 mm) wide chisel nib. The Extra Extra Large size has a 2" (51 mm) wide chisel nib. Refillable Marker ? Montana Hardcore Markers are now available empty so you can fill them with the ink or paint of your choice. Simply unscrew the head of the marker and pour in the ink. The Short Large size has a capacity of 25 g and features a ½" chisel nib. The Extra Large size has a capacity of 45 g and features a 1" chisel nib. The Extra Extra Large size has a capacity of 45 g and features an extra-fat 2" nib. Ink Refill ? Alcohol-based and permanent, Montana Ink is super-rich, high-covering, and quick-drying. Black. 200 ml bottle.
Montana gold acrylic spray paint Montana Gold acrylic spray paint Montana is the leader in artist-grade spray paint and Montana Gold is the top of the line! This quick-drying nitro-combi silk lacquer paint is designed specifically for the aerosol artist. Versatile dual-pressure cans each accommodate five different caps to help you achieve pencil-thin lines with slow pressure all the way up to a 13" wide spray with high pressure. You'll get awesome coverage, minimal drip, and high opacity. Montana Gold comes in a dazzling array of colors and dries in seconds to a durable matte finish. Each capless can comes with a Standard cap (spray width is between the Thin and Medium cap) and shows the color on the collar for easy identification.
krylon glitter paint Krylon glitter spray paint When you're looking for a little bit of sparkle, add a shimmering finish to most any surface, including wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic, with Krylon Glitter Spray. It's a breeze to use and removes easily from hands, face, and machine-washable clothing. The paint is acid-free, non-clogging, and archival-safe.
Krylon glow in the dark paint Krylon glow in the dark paint Krylon Glowz is a glow-in-the-dark paint that increases night-time visibility when applied to items such as art projects, holiday decorations, switchplates, costumes, sports equipment, kids' room accents, railings, porches, and more. Ideal for safety or just for fun, Glowz can be used on wood, metal, wicker, glass, plaster, ceramic, fabric, paper, and papier mâché. Glowz dries to the touch within 10 minutes and is dry enough to handle freely within three hours. It recharges with exposure to light. - Online Art Supplies
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