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Wicker furniture repair material comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some of the repair reed comes in fractions of an inch and some are measured in metrics just to confuse things a little. You can find all the different sizes and shapes in our online catalog page. There's an inch/metric conversion tool to un-confuse things on that page too.

Most of the time you can get away with a little different size or slightly different shape to make a repair if the exact size or shape you need isn't available.

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What some of the Repair Reed Looks Like

round reed Round reed comes in many diameters. Round reed is measured in metric, but if you're measuring in inches you can go to our online catalog page

to use the inch/metric conversion tool to find what sizes you will need for your wicker repair project. You might be able to find a metric sizing tool at a hardware store too. They're just a flat piece of plastic or metal with a bunch of different size holes in them and whatever hole your rattan reed fits in snugly is the size you will need.

Go to our online wicker repair material catalog to see all the available sizes and shapes, oval, flat,etc.
strand cane

This strand cane comes in several widths and is used for weaving chair seats and is quite often used on wicker as a wrap on legs, arms, some joints and some other areas, usually where two or more pieces of large diameter reed or bamboo need to be held together. Large reed or bamboo is often used for frames on wicker furniture pieces.

Cane is cut from the outside of rattan reed. Cane is very thin, the inside is rough and dull and the outside is hard and shiny.

kraft fiber rush Kraft Fiber Rush, as the name implies, is made from brown kraft paper and is rolled into a tight twisted round shape. Kraft rush is usually found in danish weave chairs and is sometimes found in some places in more modern day pieces of wicker. As will be explained in another area, kraft rush should never be soaked as the other materials are.

pre twisted sea grass True Pre-Twisted Sea Grass Rush is made from the long slender leaves of swampy plants such as cattails. The leaves are rolled tight and the ends of leaves overlap each other to make long continuous strands.

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