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Picture frames can make a world of difference in the appearance of art work, portraits or photographs. Below you can find lots of information about picture framing and picture frame supplies.

Almost everyone enjoys having framed pictures on their walls. Some people prefer classic art or classic art prints. Some like oil paintings or photographs of ancestors. Probably the most popular framed pictures are of family from long ago ancestors to present day portraits, school pictures of children and grandchildren and enlarged photographs.

The problem most people have is the cost of professional custom framing.

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Picture Frame Section Contents

This section of our site is designed to be your do it yourself picture framing headquarters.

You can buy precut mats, single, double and other pretty fancy mats and sheets of mat board to cut your own mats to any size.

There are standard size frames available to frame your pictures yourself and there is all sorts of equipment available for the average handy person to make custom size picture frames and to cut your own mats with ease.

If you have several pictures to frame or if you want to do framing on a continuing basis it won't take long for some pretty nice picture framing and mat cutting equipment to pay for itself and the right equipment can save lots of frustration and time.

I'll be adding to the picture framing section as time goes on, because there are lots of ways to make do it yourself picture framing a fun, relaxing and cost saving project.

The Other Artist, Picture Frame Information

The person who does the picture framing, whether it's a professional custom picture framer or a do it yourself at home custom framer, is known as the other artist.

The picture frame components, liner, fillet, mat or a frame by itself at some times will contain and at other times will continue the art work that it holds, but at all times will complete and enhance the art work.

There are lots of things necessary to custom picture frames and framing and we plan to eventually cover a good portion of it here. There will be constant additions of information and tips so that you'll be armed and ready to be your own other artist.

How to assemble a picture frame.

Assemble a picture frame. - Information about clamping the corners of a picture frame. Whether you're repairing an old frame with loose corners or assembling a new frame it makes the job a lot easier and the frame more securely assembled if the corners are clamped

Many forms of gold and glitter.

Gilding - The gold on picture frames may be gold leaf, gold wax or gold paint. As picture frames age the gilding may chip or wear off. There are many types of materials for gilding and touching up the gold on picture frames, from gold pens to gold leaf.

Glass cutting, glass is easy to cut if you follow these easy tips.

Glass Cutting - You can save quite a bit by buying bulk glass if you have a lot of pictures to frame or if you have some larger size pieces of glass that you could use in smaller frames. If you're intimidated by glass cutting, read this to learn how to master the art of glass cutting.

Picture frame restoration

Restoration - Take an old frame and restore it to it's original beauty. Most of the pages linked from this page will have a bit that will help with picture frame restoration. You'll need to repair corners, maybe repair the gold finish on a gilded frame, maybe cut a mat or a piece of glass for your restored frame.

Like the picture framing section all together, there will be a lot more added to the restoration pages.

Mats can make a world of difference in a framed picture.

Picture Mat - What a difference a mat makes. Mats, especially a double mat can bring a picture to life and give it new meaning. An explanation of the differences made by different mat colors.

Mat Cutter

Mat Cutter - Mat cutter system and freehand mat cutters to make cutting your own picture mats easy. Save a lot of money cutting your own mats.

Picture frame corner repair.

Repair - As frames age or when they fall from a wall or other surface the corners can take a beating and come loose. Learn how frame corners are generally put together and how to get them apart when they're wiggly.

Picture frame supplies

Supplies - The place to go to see all of the ready made frames, picture frame moulding, mat cutters and everything else imaginable for do it yourself custom picture framing.

There's lots of information and tips in our picture framing section for the do it yourself person to repair, restore, build new frames, decorate with gold in many forms, plus picture mats and cutting glass.

Picture Frame Molding, how to measure and cut

How to measure and cut picture frame molding - can be kind of tricky until you learn the formula, which we include, to measure, alowing for the rabbet and angle of the cut. Use a table saw, miter sander and miter vise to get accurate cuts.

Why cut your own mats

Why cut your own mats - Expensive art and important photos should be kept away from the glass and you can save loads of money by cutting your own picture mats and photo mats

Mat color to emphasize areas of a picture.

Mat color draw attention to different areas of a picture by using picture mat colors - Online Art Supplies
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