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Remodel Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Material

Solid Wood Veneer

The Veneer below for your do it yourself kitchen cabinet refacing project is good cabinet grade solid wood veneer with a paper backing and a peel and stick back. The peel and stick veneer is as easy to use as self stick shelf paper, actually easier, because you're working with outside surfaces. The veneer is best applied with veneering tools which make it easier to apply for a long lasting kitchen cabinet refacing project.
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Tack Cloths

tack cloth

Tack clothes are one of the most important tools for any part of your project to remodel your kitchen from complete remodeling to kitchen cabinet refacing or repainting. If you have done everything else perfectly, but don't clean the dust off thoroughly the veneer won't stick. After everything else is done. Clean well at least 3 times to be sure all sanding dust is removed.

Tack clothes are lint free fabric impregnated with a sticky substance.


pressure sensitive veneer

This Pressure sensitive veneer is very easy to use.

After the surface of the kitchen cabinet is prepared just peel the protective backing and carefully line up the veneer where you want it and apply a little pressure to the center of the piece to hold it where you want it.

Using your veneering tools apply heavy pressure, working from the center out, until the veneer is laid solid without air bubbles and that piece is done.

Veneer Edge Banding

veneer edge banding Veneer edge banding is to cover the laminated layers on most flat surface cabinet doors.If your kitchen cabinet doors are solid wood you won't need the veneer edge banding. This edge banding comes in oak and birch and several metallic colors to accent your kitchen cupboard door edges.

French Provincial Trim

french provincial trim

Now it's time to add some gingerbread to make your plain front kitchen cabinets stand out from everyone else's.

There are quite a few options to make your kitchen cabinets look like the very expensive ones.

French Provincial trim adds a finishing touch to your do it yourself cabinet refacing project.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Lots of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. This link will take you to a page of links for kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls of the following styles Stickley, Mission, Arts and Crafts, Stainless Steel, Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Bronze, Copper and Rustic Iron, French Antique Gold, Glass Finish, Nickel or Chrome and Old Polished Brass.
knobs and pulls

Crown Molding With Rope

crown molding

This crown molding gives a touch of elegance to your project. Measure carefully to be sure that you have room above your doors for the crown molding.

If your kitchen cupboards don't go clear to the ceiling the crown molding will add a very noticeable high quality appearance to them.

Rope and Dentil Molding

rope and dentil molding

Use your imagination to make some design additions on your own. A dentil across the top of the kitchen cabinets or a rope design around the edge of the doors always looks nice.

Miter Saw

miter saw

When you use moldings you need to make very precise 45 degree cuts at the ends. This is an excellent Miter Saw for making those cuts.

The price is more than you would pay for the old wooden box type, but the cuts are a lot more accurate.

Miter Trimmer

miter trimmer

This miter trimmer is a little more expensive than the miter saw, but the ease of use and accuracy makes the extra cost worth it.

If you make your own picture frames this would be a good investment for your remodeling kitchen cabinet refacing project, because you'll be saving so much money on your kitchen cabinets you can justify the price to have such a fine tool left over for making do it yourself picture frames. See our picture frame section.

veneer tools
Veneering Tools hand tools

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