Refinish Furniture

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Or Refinishing Is Easy!!

Begin kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing

Begin your kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing.

Do it yourself kitchen cabinet refacing is easy, believe it or not. If you're experienced or a beginner at refinishing furniture and if you can line your kitchen cupboard shelves or drawer bottoms with self stick shelf paper, you're a candidate for do it yourself kitchen cabinet refacing.

Trim molding and new pulls and hardware can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen.

Refacing or Refinishing you kitchen cupboards can save lot of money.

You can save several thousand dollars over the cost of new kitchen cabinets by refacing or refinishing your kitchen cupboards.

See the do it yourself kitchen cabinet material and tools page.

Flat Surface Kitchen Cupboards

These instructions are for flat surface cupboards only. If you have raised surface doors or doors with molding, they will be covered in a different area.

Label Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Take a label of some sort, self sticking, masking tape, or anything else that will stick on the inside of the cupboard door and can be written on. After sticking a label on the inside of each door, take a felt pen and write the number of the door on the label. If you start your numbering at the upper left cupboard door and work around then go to the lower doors it makes it easier to remember what goes where since it's the same sequence as reading a book.

Lots of little things, like the labeling will help to make do it yourself kitchen cabinet refacing a lot easier.

minwax tung oil
Minwax Tung Oil Finish
tung oil
Rockler 100% Pure Tung Oil
furniture cleaner
Furniture Cleaner
steel wool
0000 Steel Wool
"Green" Pure Turpentine

A Screwdriver Is Your First Necessary Tool

Remove all of the kitchen cabinet doors from the stiles and remove the hinges and other hardware from the doors.

Notice the little ridges around where the hinges and other hardware touch the doors and stiles. Taking care of them is covered in Clean Kitchen Cabinets For Refacing or refinishing.

Save Your Screws And Your Nerves

Whoa, let's stop just a minute and go get a zip lock baggie or small covered plastic container or jar with a lid and take the screws that you have put in a small plate or a neat pile on the counter or window sill and put them away snuggly and contained, otherwise some of those little dickens will grow legs and take off for parts unknown. Let's go to the or go to Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Menu to browse all Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and refinishing pages.

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