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Chair Weaving with Fibre Rush DVDChair Weaving with Fibre Rush DVD
Complete step-by-step presentation of the techniques of fibre rush seat weaving. Easy enough for a novice to complete the "rushing" of a chair. 66 minutes, DVD...

Chair Weaving with Fibre Rush DVD

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Furniture Repair, Wood Chair Repair

Dismantle a wood chair

When you have a wood dining room chair with loose joints and it causes apprehension every time you scoot up to the table or away from it it's time to repair those chair joints. The first order of business is to take the chair apart.

Repair the wood chair joints

After you get the chair disassembled it's time to repair the chair joints. Clean out the old glue, swell the joints and reglue them.

Assemble the chair

The next and pretty important step is to assemble the chair. The assembly takes a lot of care and a flat surface to work on.

Wicker Furniture Repair

Wicker Furniture Repair

An overview of wicker furniture repair, the wicker repair materials necessary for a good wicker repair and a bit about cane chair seats. repair wicker rattan overview

Use a wicker basket kit to learn wicker repair

Wicker basket kits or Rattan furniture repair can be helpful in learning weaving repairs for wicker furniture.

Making a basket will give you some knowledge about how the wicker reed will act when you weave it. You will learn how soaking the reed before weaving will make the reed supple enough to weave rather than having it break or split. Take a look at thisWicker Basket Kit

Wicker furniture repair supplies and materials for caning and other rattan furniture.

Wicker furniture repair supplies to repair wicker furniture, baskets or other wicker items. Some reed and cane pictures and explanations.

Wicker patio furniture repair

Wicker patio furniture repair. Although our wicker patio furniture was under a roof and covered with a tarp it had some damage in the spring. See how we handled it at wicker patio furniture repair

Do It Yourself Wicker Furniture repair clean refinish menu

Information and tips for care of and how to make repairs on wicker furniture. How to clean your wicker furniture. Remove the paint or clear finish from that neat old piece of wicker furniture. repairing those missing parts of your favorite wicker piece. Wicker menu

Rattan reed wicker repair materials

Common sizes of rattan reed for repairing wicker furniture, baskets or for making your own furniture and baskets. An inch/metric conversion tool is included, since many sizes of rattan reed is sold in metric measurement. Wicker repair supplies

Repair Wicker Furniture and Accessories

Repair wicker furniture and accessories. Lots of tips and instructions. wicker_rattan_repair

Wicker Furniture. Free Information to clean repair refinish

Wicker Furniture, Rattan and Cane, Free care and refinishing tips and information Wicker, Rattan, Cane

Repair Wicker Furniture Frame and Accessories

Repair wicker furniture frame tips and instructions. The frame on some wicker furniture is quite sturdily built, but a lot of it is held together by the wicker weave and faith. Use care if you remove the weave from a piece of wicker furniture be sure the frame is sturdy or support it in some manner. Repair wicker furniture frame - Online Art Supplies
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