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Furniture Refinishing Basic

Restor-A-FinishRestor-A-Finish is a finish-penetrating formula that brings back color and luster to your finish and will blend out blemishes and minor scratches.

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Some people prefer to have just a nudge when it comes to do it yourself furniture refinishing and paint stripping, they would prefer just some basic information and tips to get started, while others prefer some detail. We have both basic and detailed information, whether you're painting furniture, either unfinished or with an old finish on it, or painting kitchen cabinets or refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Stripping and painting kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in the appearance of them.

We have a good supplier for kitchen cabinet hardware as well as furniture restoration hardware .

Like the rest of the site the basic furniture refinishing section is being added to. There is something new somewhere on the site every few days, so visit often.

Furniture Cleaning Basic

Furniture Cleaning Basic - - Cleaning is the first step to make your job easier when you're refinishing furniture. Many times, after you clean an older piece of furniture. you'll discover that it isn't necessary to refinish it.

Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration - - In many cases antique or furniture restoration is a lot more practical than refinishing. Besides being a lot less work, furniture restoration is much better for the furniture if you can bring an old finish back to life rather than refinishing it.

white ring remover
White ring remover
leather fiber chair seat
Leather and fiber seats
pre woven caning
Woven caning
pressure sensitive veneer
Pressure sensitive veneer
furniture cleaner
Furniture cleaner

Furniture Restoration Hardware

Glass, Ceramic, Marble and Brass Restoration Hardware - - You may be able to find an exact replacement for a missing knob or pull or replace all the hardware with period furniture restoration hardware. Lots of brass bails, drop pulls and glass pulls in many shapes.

Furniture Stripping

Furniture Stripping Basic - - Stripping is a lot easier if you clean the dirt and grime off first, so the stripper can get to the old finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Finishing

Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets is pretty easy if you take the project in steps and do each part of the refinishing carefully and don't skip anything or the skipped parts will come back and bite you later.

Many colors to choose

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinets - - The surface preparation is the most important part of painting kitchen cabinets. Some times you will have to strip the old paint in preparation for painting kitchen cabinets and other times a good cleaning will do the trick, while leaving the old paint or finish as a base for repainting your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Pulls - - To complete repainting or refinishing kitchen cabinets, or if you do a complete refacing, there's nothing like new kitchen cabinet hardware to make the cupboards look as though they're newly installed. New kitchen cabinet hardware is easy to install, especially since you undoubtedly have the old hardware off already.


Patina Basic - - Use great care to save the patina, you can't duplicate it and when you refinish furniture you generally lose most of the patina. If you sand you will lose all of the patina.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation Basic - - The surface preparation is probably the most important part of furniture refinishing.

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