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The garden fountain restoration project needs just a little background information to get to the reason for fountain restoration. Many techniques for one project may be used for other projects too. Any statuary can be restored the same way as the fountain.

I had planned to never own another home, just rent forever more and let someone else take care of the taxes and repairs during my retirement years, but after a year of renting our present home and planning to stay here forever (the landlord said he never planned to sell it), he decided to sell it. We decided that it would be a good idea to buy it so that we wouldn't run into that type of situation when we got to our doddering years.

The house had been recently renovated inside, which was a mixed blessing. We had bought several run down houses throughout the years and had renovated them from the ground up and I enjoy doing that.

After a year of renting and and years of living here as homeowners I can find all sorts of things that can keep me out of mischief. As I do a project I'll describe it and have pictures on the web site.

The patio at one time was grand, 16 feet wide and 30 feet long with a green house at one end, but when we got the house the patio was in bad disrepair.

The garden fountain restoration is one of the first projects for the patio.


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Our Garden Fountain Was Pink And Not Very Pretty

fountain top beforeOur garden fountain came from an apartment complex where my mother-in-law lives. They were going to remove the fountain because of various problems with it, the first of which was the appearance.

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The fountain had been broken and repaired, then painted pink. After several years of weathering the pink looked worse than I imagine it did when it was first painted.

The fishing pole had been replaced with a bent piece of welding rod.

The Fountain Needed To Be Cleaned

fountain bowl before The first step in restoration of the garden fountain was to give it a good, thorough cleaning.

We used a brass bristle brush which was shaped like a dish brush, water and a lot of elbow grease. No soap or cleaning agent was necessary and we didn't want to have any residue of any sort to contend with.

The brass bristle brush has softer bristles than a regular wire brush, but stiff enough to remove any loose or flaking paint and general grime.

Number 1 Fountain Paint Sprayer

spray painting fountain baseThis is our seven year old granddaughter, Jacqui, spray painting the base of the garden fountain with gray primer. Notice the position of the tongue. I'm not sure, but I think the tongue position has something to do with the spraying technique that helps to get a good job and I think everyone has to develop that feature on their own.

Gray Spray Paint Primer On The Garden Fountain

spray paint primed garden fountain topWe used a gray primer, because the fountain is made of cast contrete and the final finish is a green granite spray paint. We wanted to be sure that no pink would be showing through the green granite. We didn't strip the pink paint off. If paint is sound and stuck tight to the surface it's always better to leave it and use it as a base for new paint, just be sure that any gloss is roughed up to accept the new paint.

All three sections of the garden fountain together weigh just slightly less than the Empire State Building.

The granite or stone spray paint comes in several different colors and we chose the green to match our patio decor.

The Reason For A Green Stone Garden Fountain

The green decor was actually chosen by a greater power.

Our first patio furniture piece was a lawn swing. We originally wanted beige, but the store was out of beige lawn swings and they thought more would be in the next week, but not for sure. The green one was on sale at a tantalizing price and someone else was standing behind us shifting from foot to foot waiting for us to say no, so we had to make a quick decision. Now with green as our chosen color we're glad the beige wasn't available. The green fits perfectly with our little evergreen tree and everything else green that's to come to the patio.

Green Stone Spray Paint On The Fountain

green granite spray paint and fishing pole bendingIf you're curious about the rope on the fountain read on, that explanation will come in a bit.

The green granite spray paint needs help with coverage. Be sure to have a base color the same as or compatible to the chosen stone spray paint color as the base color is fairly thin. It has little flecks of color that sploop out randomly making the granite or stone appearance.

The paint is softer than most paint when it's dry, so it needs to be coated with a clear coating. We tried polyureurethane, but it yellowed too much, so we went to a clear acrylic spray, which worked perfectly and made the garden fountain look like it was made of polished granite. If you do something like this be sure that your clear coating is marked for exterior use.

Catch A Fish In The Garden Fountain

bent fishing pole on the garden fountainNow, to the rope. Since our little fisherman has a fish clear out of the water he needs a pole to accomplish that feat. I took a 3/8" dowel and immersed it in the water in the garden fountain bowl carefully curving it around so that it was all under water, then left it soaking until the next day.

I inserted the soggy dowel in the holes in the hands and tied the rope to give the pole a natural bend, as though it had a heavy fish on the end. I left the pole tied for another day until it was totally dry. When I untied the rope I had a nicely curved fishing pole. I cut it to length and it's ready for some fish line.

Don't squint to see it, it isn't there yet. Jacqui and I are going to take fish line, put glue on it and then multi colored glitter, so the fish line will be more noticeable and will glisten in the sun shine.

Before, Where The Garden Fountain Was Placed

patio before fountain placementThis before picture of the patio shows the state of the patio before we started on it.

We placed the garden fountain in a corner of the patio by the little evergreen tree and close to the greenhouse.

Notice the concrete block structure at the bottom of the picture. It isn't there any more and we'll have a page or two about that portion of the renovation.

And Here Is The Garden Fountain Ready To Go

finished garden fountain renovation

Here is our little fisherman garden fountain in all his glory.

It's very relaxing to sit in suburbia listening to the blurble of water as though you're sitting next to a mountain stream.

One problem that the former fountain owners had was foreign objects getting into the pump and burning them out. The pump sits in the bowl under the figure.

We're going to put a reservoir in the greenhouse with the pump in it and filter the water as it returns to the reservoir to protect our pump

The Wicker Furniture Next To The Fountain

The wicker furniture shown is another project in the making. We got it at a second hand store for next to nothing and will have pictures and instructions for bringing it back to life. The chair and table are in perfect condition, but the loveseat was left outside for several years and is badly faded and has some damaged and missing areas.

Stone Spray Paint

Make It Stone spray paint does a good job of imitating real stone. It's necessary to use a sealer over the stone appearing spray paint.

Three years later

This part is being written three years after our fountain renovation after some questions from someone about the process.

The paint has adhered very well. After the first year there were three or four small areas about the size of a dime that the paint had come loose. I picked and scraped the loose paint frome the areas and cleaned them with a wire brush. When I resprayed to touch up I discovered that the whole fountain had faded a little so I gave it all a refresher coat of paint.

The second and third years I figured fountain spruce up as part of spring maintenance. I just give the fountain a good cleaning with a lot of water and a medium bristle brush, let it dry, then resprayed and resealed. It stays new looking all summer and you don't notice that it's faded until you put fresh paint on it. - Online Art Supplies
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