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Deft brushing and spray lacquer

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Lacquer is one of the better finishes for furniture.

Lacquer in one form or another has been in use for centuries. Lacquer as we know it now has been with us since the 1800's.

When gunpowder was invented a very enterprising person took the nitrocellulose and dissolved it in a solvent and came up with a substance that dried clear and hard, but flexible. The new form of lacquer was born. Acutally it was a little more involved than that, but it's the general idea.

Lacquer dries extremely fast and in its natural state needs to be sprayed on a surface.


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Deft brushing lacquer

Deft Brushing Lacquer goes beyond the natural state and has used solvents that make lacquer that dries slow enough that it can be brushed on making lacquer available for those who don't have expensive spray equipment.

deft brushing lacquer Deft still dries quickly, but the drying time has been extended to the point that you can comfortably brush it on. Apply a liberal coat without overbrushing, as the drying begins as soon as the lacquer is exposed to the air, so overbrushing can cause ridges.

Sanding between coats is easy with an extra fine sandpaper and will result in a very fine smooth finish. Use at least three coats for best protection and durability.

Use good ventilation, because it's pretty stinky stuff, but well worth it.

Deft spray lacquer

deft spray lacquerYou can get also get Deft Spray Lacquer in a handy spray can to get into all those nooks and crannies that are hard to get to with a brush. Deft spray lacquer is the same good stuff that you get in the can of brushing lacquer, but with the ease of a spray can.

You can get more information about Deft brushing lacquer and Deft spray lacquer by visiting the Deft lacquer web site.

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