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See Warning At The Bottom Of The Page

Most paint stripper containing methylene chloride can be very hard on your skin and on your lungs as well as being flammable. Citristrip does not contain methylene chloride. It's easier on your skin and lungs as well as being easy on the environment.

Citristrip will strip multiple layers of old finish and paint. You can use it outdoors as well as indoors.



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Citristrip Paint Stripper

When working with chemicals of any sort it's always best to have good ventilation, but Citristrip paint stripper doesn't have caustic chemicals and it has a pleasant fresh orange scent. It will stay active for up to 24 hours and can be reactivated with another application.

citristrip paint stripper

Available in quart and 1/2 gallon sizes

Citristrip Paint Stripper Wash

After you've used Citristrip paint stripper you can clean any residue from wood, metal or masonry with Citristrip Wash to prepare the surface for a new finish. Citristrip wash has the same pleasant fresh orange scent.

citristrip paint stripper wash

Available in pints

Warning - The following email was received from a web site visitor who had a severe skin reaction to Citristrip. My reply is below her email and has some information including a Material Safety Data Sheet for Citristrip. It's always a good idea to read safety information of any kind concerning chemicals that you use, including household chemicals that you use every day.

You'll find safety information scattered throughout our web site, don't take it lightly, it's been learned and passed on through experience, as well as label information.

Sheila wrote:

Your posting on Citristrip says "It's easier on your skin ..."  but that is only if you are sure to
immediately (and  I mean immediately) wash any affected area of the skin
that has come into contact with the orange scented paint stripper with
copious amounts of soap and water.  Citristrip WILL cause deep and serious
chemical burns of the skin if you get some of it on you by accident and
don't get it cleaned off immediately.  You would never experience anything
like this using the old turpentine type removers.   I don't mean irritation
here; I mean deep "full thickness" (3rd degree) burns!

Hi Sheila

It's true that Citristrip can cause some skin problems, especially with people who have sensitive skin.

We advocate reading label instructions on all chemicals that you use. It's surprising how many people say that they haven't read the label instructions.

One of the first pages that was put on our site when we started it up in 1999 was Skin care

As you look through our two hundred and thirty some pages of information you'll see that we always advocate protection of your eyes, skin, respiratory system, clothing, the environment and anything else that needs protection. If you'll go to our site and use the search feature using words such as protect, protection, ventilation and other words pertaining to your well being, you'll find a lot of information on the subject.

Turpentine is a good solvent for thinning paint and varnish, but after they're dry turpentine won't do anything toward softening them up for removal.

The main active ingredient in the older strippers is methylene chloride, which is a very dangerous chemical and was one of the reasons why the government tried to ban it's use and to get manufacturers to make safer strippers.

You'll rarely find any chemical that isn't hazardous in some manner and you should always use maximum protection with all chemicals.

Some more interesting reading are the Material Safety Data Sheets:
Citristrip: Citristrip Material Safety Data Sheet and
Citristrip after wash Material Safety Data Sheet
The above files are in PDF format and you will need the free Adobe PDF Reader

If you'd like even more information you can go to Google and do a search on Material Safety Data Sheet Stripper, then substitute remover for stripper.

Although Citristrip isn't safe to apply to your skin or to inhale deeply, according to the safety data sheets it is easier on your skin than the older strippers, not easy on your skin, but easier on your skin, unless you have sensitive skin.

Always use good protection habits when you use any chemicals, even household cleaners and always read the labels.


Read more safety tips on our main stripping page and Caution

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