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Electric sanders, random orbit sanders or palm sanders are priceless when they're used at the right time for the proper project, but if you have a sander in your hand don't come within touching distance of an antique. One touch of a sander on an antique and you can figure that the antique value has been lowered by at least half.

There, now that I have that out of my system we can go on to the real value of sanders, mainly random orbit sanders and palm sanders.


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Badly scratched wood

There are times that you will need to sand a piece of furniture, for instance when the top of a piece of furniture is badly scratched into the wood or if you want to lighten a dark stained piece.

You can get a more even job a lot quicker and without crippling your sanding muscles for a week when you use a sander.

Sand veneer

When you sand veneer it's a lot better to sand by hand, but very careful use of a palm sander works ok. Most veneer isn't much thicker than a few sheets of paper, so you can go through it in a hurry if you sand too aggresively or use coarse sandpaper.

Random orbit sander

A random orbit sander will remove a lot of stock in a hurry and will give a super fine surface, but you have to be careful not to remove too much wood. If you're not experienced with an electric sander and have just a normal amount of wood to sand off a finishing sander would be the ideal tool to have, they're fast and efficient and a good sander to learn power sanding with.

finishing sander palm sander

If you're new to electric sanders you may wonder what the difference is between a palm sander and a finishing sander. None, some finishing sanders have a handle, like the half sheet finishing sander, but the smaller finishing sanders fit in the palm of your hand, so they became known as palm sanders.

Absense of belt sanders

Please notice the absence of belt sanders. Belt sanders have their place, but their place isn't around furniture refinishing. They can chew a big chunk out of a table top in about two seconds, in fact you could do considerable damage in one second very easily.

Random-Orbit Sander Random orbit sanders can remove a lot of wood in a hurry for rough work and can gently smooth wood for a final finish.

Random Orbit Sanders

Porter Cable Speed-Bloc Quarter-Sheet Finishing Sander, Model #330Porter Cable Speed-Bloc Quarter-Sheet Finishing Sander, Model #330
Accepts both adhesive-backed and standard sandpaper. ..

Porter Cable Speed-Bloc Quarter-Sheet Finishing Sander, Model #330

Sander Sitter Orbital Landing PadSander Sitter Orbital Landing Pad
Now you don't need to turn your sander on and off each time you need to reposition your work...

Sander Sitter Orbital Landing Pad

Whether you use a random orbit sander, never use a straight orbital sander on wood, or if you use a finishing sander, a larger sander or a palm sander, sanding becomes much easier than it is by hand. - Online Art Supplies
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