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Contents page for our online catalog section. You'll find lots of kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing products, furniture refinishing products, picture framing, wicker, rattan and cane materials plus a lot more. Browse all you want to there's no obligation to buy.

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Brushes - - Good selection of paint brushes, very inexpensive to high quality and a bit more expensive.

Caning supplies

Caning Supplies Strand and Pre-woven cane webbing for repair of chairs or any type of decorative caning.

Cabinet door accents

Cabinet door accents and add ons. Decorative wire mesh, glass etching, vent hoods and lots more.
A new wood ventilator hood can make a difference too.

Chair seats

Chair Seats Replacement chair seats made of genuine leather or fiber. Many styles, sizes and shapes to choose from.

Clear finishes

Clear Finishes Many types of clear finishes lacquer, shellac, tung oil, urethanes, etc.

Clean and wax

Clean and WaxProducts for general cleaning, cleaning antiques for restoration or furniture in preparation for refinishing. Wax products for finish protection.


Clamps Clamps of all types, C-Clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, strap clamps, picture framing clamps. A clamp for every need.


Electric Sanders
Many sanders to choose from. Random orbital, finishing and palm sanders.

Gazebo, Pergola, Arbor and Trellis

Gazebo, Pergola, Arbor, Trellis

Gazebo plans and plans to build a pergola, arbor and a trellis. Get lots of pleasure out of your diy projects, then you get to have more pleasure using them and enjoying the added comfort they can give.


Glue and Accessories

Do you have a chair with loose rungs? You'll find the right glue here. You'll also find epoxy glue, veneer glue, quick set glue, wood glue, hide glue, glue pots, gluing accessories and just about anything else to do with glue.

Kitchen accessories 1

Kitchen accessories page 1Kitchen accessories galore cabinet trim, hardware, under counter hardware, pantry hardware. There's a little bit of a lot of things. Be sure to see Kitchen accessories page 2 too.

Kitchen accessories 2

Kitchen accessories page 2 A continuation of page 1..

Kitchen conveniences

Kitchen Conveniences Imagine the convenience of small appliances that disappear under the counter or wicker baskets that pull out like a kitchen cabinet drawer, then lift out for more convenience.

Leather care products

Leather cleaning and conditioning Leather needs to be kept clean and conditioned to have a long service life. When leather, such as the arms of chairs or other furniture, gets dirty the leather will stiffen, because the fibers can't move and slide easily against each other. If the dirty parts are let go long enough they'll become dry and brittle and will crack.

Outdoor plans and kits

Outdoor furniture plans and kits Build your own outdoor furniture and save a lot. Easy to follow plans make it fun to do. Kits too.

Outdoor play plans and kits

Outdoor play Plans and kits Build a swing set, playhouse or other child size items, then sit back and enjoy the laughter and gleeful squeals from the kids as they play.

Outdoor storage

Outdoor storage shed plansNeed more storage? Build it yourself and save, besides having the pleasure of saying you did it yourself.

Outdoor project books

Outdoor project books A good selection of books on all sorts of outdoor projects.

Particle board fasteners

Particle board fasteners and castersFor those lost or broken fasteners you usually can't find in most hardware stores. Some good KD hardware for solid wood projects too.

Patio furniture

Patio furniture Lots of fine furniture for the patio, deck, yard and garden. You'll also find sun dials and other interesting outdoor decor.

Rockler specials

Rockler Specials and Closeouts Special prices for many woodworking items. The list changes frequently so come back often for some extra special prices.

Spray paint

Spray Paint Make your painting projects a lot easier with spray paint from cans. The variety of types of spray paint is tremendous.

Stains and Colors

Stains and Colors Oil stains, water stains. Paint colors from long ago and lots of kids colors to choose from. Dyes to change colors of stains to match the furniture you already have. Dyes to mix your own colors. Lots of stains and colors.

Stripping Supplies

Stripping Supplies to make your refinishing jobs easier. Stripper, gloves, tack cloths and lots more.


VeneerVeneer of all types, and lots of species. Try some pressure sensitive veneer and see how easy veneering really is. Veneer edge tape and lots of veneer tools.


Wicker Repair reed for wicker furniture repair and lots of different sizes and types to make your own wicker projects.

Wood Filler

Wood Filler Wood filler for filling nail holes, cracks, splits and other voids and for filling open grain.


Restor-a-Finish You might be able to save a finish rather than refinishing. - Online Art Supplies
We're proud to be an affiliate of Blick Art Materials

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