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Clamps for every need. Bar clamps for clamping boards together. Strap clamps for straping irregular shapes such as around chair legs during repair. Corner clamps for making picture frames and other shapes with a 90 degree angle. Many other clamps for just about any clamping job you could immagine.


Conventional Weave  Cane
Conventional Weave Cane
Reed Spline
Reed Spline
Caning Wedges
Maple Caning Wedges
Caning Needle
21 inch steel Caning Needle

5'' Mini Clamp-It«  Clamp5'' Mini Clamp-It« Clamp
Our exclusive 5'' Mini Clamp-It Clamp, features a fixed head with a comfortable ergonomic handle and a moveable tailpiece.It was designed for use with the Clamp-It Assembly Square to create precision ..

5'' Mini Clamp-It« Clamp

Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp Pads and Conversion PadsSure-Foot Pipe Clamp Pads and Conversion Pads
Pads slip over Sure-Foot pipe clamp jaws to protect against damaging wood and projects...

Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp Pads and Conversion Pads

4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp
Adjustable length clamp provides pressure from all four sides ? ideal for big projects such as gluing table tops and shelving. Applies pressure on workpiece face when edge-clamping to prevent..

4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp

Sure-Foot  Pipe ClampSure-Foot Pipe Clamp
We've taken the pipe clamp to the next level! NEW! Pipe Clamp Conversion Pads ..

Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp

Deluxe Band ClampDeluxe Band Clamp
New and improved, our Ratcheting Band Clamp has a permanently attached wrench so it's always ready for use. Check out these other new improvements: Stitched band eliminates fraying The belt is sti..

Deluxe Band Clamp

One-Hand Ratcheting Band ClampOne-Hand Ratcheting Band Clamp
Adjust to size automatically with just the push of a button! Easy-to-use ratcheting handle allows for true one-hand operation and fine precise adjustments. ..

One-Hand Ratcheting Band Clamp

Quick-Release Corner Framing ClampQuick-Release Corner Framing Clamp
New and improved design features quick-release knobs on all four corners for fast, easy adjustments. Corners tighten independently, so you can add pressure wherever it is needed! With 45-1/2'' max. op..

Quick-Release Corner Framing Clamp

Clamp-It« Assembly Square, Clamps or Combo PackClamp-It« Assembly Square, Clamps or Combo Pack
Align it, clamp it, and fasten it to get perfect 90 degree angles every time! Here's a solution that's so simple, you'll wonder why it took so long to develop!..

Clamp-It« Assembly Square, Clamps or Combo Pack

Quick-Grip« Bar Clamp/SpreaderQuick-Grip« Bar Clamp/Spreader
Quick and versatile, the quick change jaw changes from a clamp to a spreader as quick and easy as 1-2-3!..

Quick-Grip« Bar Clamp/Spreader

Spring Miter Clamp SetSpring Miter Clamp Set
Master all your clamping needs! Perfect for picture frames and furniture repairs...

Spring Miter Clamp Set

Cable ClampCable Clamp
Get a grip on all your cables...

Cable Clamp

Clampmate Frame ClampClampmate Frame Clamp
Tightens all four corners simultaneously for ease of use...

Clampmate Frame Clamp

Bench Accessory KitBench Accessory Kit
Be safe in your workshop with our new 7-piece bench accessory kit. Includes two hold-down clamps, four bench dogs and non-slip router mat...

Bench Accessory Kit

Bessey Variable Angle Strap ClampBessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp
The unique, geared winder gives you precise, distortion-free clamping on angles from 60║ - 180║...

Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp

36'' & 48'' Sure-Foot? Aluminum Bar Clamps36'' & 48'' Sure-Foot? Aluminum Bar Clamps
Rockler?s exclusive design features an extra-wide 2-1/2" foot for exceptional stability and higher base that raises bar 1-1/2" above the table for excellent handle clearance. Create 8 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft..

36'' & 48'' Sure-Foot? Aluminum Bar Clamps

Minifix JIG IT « TemplateMinifix JIG IT « Template
Marking and drilling guide for Minifix fasteners...

Minifix JIG IT « Template

Sure-Foot Plus? 3/4'' Pipe ClampSure-Foot Plus? 3/4'' Pipe Clamp
New and improved design features 2-1/4" high jaws ? a half inch higher than standard pipe clamps! Ideal for use with our exclusive Pipe Clamp Bench Blocks (#35359), providing a full 1" engagement with..

Sure-Foot Plus? 3/4'' Pipe Clamp

Miter ViseMiter Vise
The professional way to clamp square frames...

Miter Vise - Online Art Supplies
We're proud to be an affiliate of Blick Art Materials

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