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Chair Seat Sag Is Easily Tightened

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A cane chair seat will loosen and start to sag after quite a few years of use. When a cane chair seat sags the cane strands rub against the edge of the opening in the chair seat and will eventually break.

The following method will work to tighten a sagging cane chair seat for both a machine pre woven and a hand woven chair seat.

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Cane Chair Seats Are Very Strong

Cane chair seats are very stong when they're kept tight and can last for a century if cared for properly, but if they're allow to sag they can break very easily.

Rattan and cane are the same thing. Cane is made from the rattan reed. We'll call the seats cane to make it easier.

One broken strand of cane can weaken the whole seat

Generally when a seat starts to sag a strand of cane will rub on the edge of the opening of the seat. After one strand breaks it weakens the seat in that area and another strand or two will rub and break.

It's very difficult to make a satisfactory repair to a hole in a woven cane seat and even if the repair looks good the repaired section of the seat will weaken the rest of the seat.

Water Makes Chair Caning Supple

When chair caning is dry its very stiff and brittle, but a period of soaking in water will make chair caning supple and easy to work with.

Let the cane soak

Water to the rescue. Seats that are kept taught will last a lifetime and it's easy to keep the seats tight as a drum.

Turn the chair upside down to expose the underneath side of the woven cane. Lay some towels cloth or paper on the exposed underside.

If you use paper towels use 15 or 20 layers so there will be lots to hold water. Pour very warm water on the towels and let the cane soak for a couple of hours. This is best done outside or set the chairs in the bath tub, because you need to have the towels quite wet to keep the cane moist for the whole time. Keep adding water to the towels as necessary. After a couple of hours remove the wet towels and leave the chairs upside down so nobody will sit on them until they're completely dry.

Let the cane chair seats dry.

Let the cane chair seats dry for at least 24 hours before you use the chairs, because sitting on wet woven cane can cause it to really stretch and will damage the seat, probably beyond repair.

Chair seats like new when dry

Your chair seats should be nice and tight when dry like they were when the cane was brand new. - Online Art Supplies
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