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Wicker Basket Kit Rattan Furniture Repair - Wicker Furniture Repair

wicker basket weaving kit To help learn rattan furniture repair and wicker furniture repair the Wicker Basket in the picture is a real handy little basket made from a kit. You get hoops, reed, handle, instructions, everything but the elbow grease.

There are several wicker basket designs available. The one shown is an egg basket. Make one of those and get a few chickens and think of the savings in the cost of eggs, as well as learning weaving for wicker furniture repair and rattan furniture repair.


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Wicker Basket

A wicker basket kit to learn wicker furniture repair will save a lot of questions later when you're in the middle of a wicker or rattan furniture repair job.

Be sure to follow the directions with the wicker basket kit, some steps could possibly be skipped in a small project like a wicker basket, but remember, you're not just making a basket, but having a lesson in wicker repair, as well as relaxing with a fun craft project.

Sometimes a little wicker basket kit can make all the difference in giving the confidence to make a large repair to a piece of wicker furniture. Learning how the rattan reed will react to twisting and bending can make a lot of difference in learning how to make either a basic or complicated repair weave in wicker furniture and a wicker basket kit is an ideal way for a hands on weaving experience.

Rattan Furniture Repair

Rattan furniture and wicker furniture are actually the same thing. Wicker is the method of weaving and can be made out of anything that is weavable, rather than a material in itself.

Wicker furniture is generally made from the reed of the rattan palm. Rattan furniture is a proper term for furniture of that type, but wicker furniture is proper too if the wicker furniture is made from rattan.

Wicker Furniture Repair - Rattan Furniture Supplies

Rattan reed, Wicker Furniture Repair Supplies are available here in every imaginable shape and size, as well as several styles of wicker basket kits. Rattan reed for wicker repair is available in round, flat, half round, oval and in many sizes to cover all your wicker furniture and rattan furniture repair supplies needs and wicker basket parts.

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